Welcome! This blog is a work in progress.

I am very interested in the creative destruction and disruptive effect technology has on everyday life. My favorite topics are those that are perhaps undergoing the most disruption: accessibility, economics, consumer behavior, and regulation. I hope to blog my own original insights into these territories, and the intersection of technology with each of them. The primary posts will be broad-based essays, but I intend to also post intricacies I discover for the specific technologies I am actively working with as a Consultant: currently these include Azure, SSIS/SSMS, Angular, .NET, C#, and Swift.

I am passionate about my accessibility project: New Braille, which aims to bring indoor GPS to blind students at universities everywhere.

I am an early adopter of the Ethereum blockchain, creating a Proof of Concept democratic voting app and presenting on the disruptive nature of blockchains back in 2015.

I am on LinkedIn.

Please stay tuned as I fill in the gaps of this blog and write a more thorough “About me.” In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at my Twitter, where you will see the topics I am most interested in and the thought leaders I look up to (and constantly retweet) in the technology space.

These are the posts currently in my pipeline:
Three-Panel Act: Patterns in Comic Strips and Consulting
Savage the Body, Civilize the Mind: What Weight-Training Teaches About Technology
Economics of Bitcoin Mining
Beyond Bitcoin: Creative Destruction Through Blockchains, Game Theory, and Distributed Consensus

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